Wire is a tool for creating robotic installations that consists of a software and a hardware. The first version of Wire was developed during 2019-2020 as a part of my masters thesis in New Media.

The Wire software makes it possible to connect many types of software and hardware to CNC machinery, by working as a middleware. In order to control real-time applications, OSC, JSON and MIDI packages are translated to machine understandable commands. Thereafter, the Wire hardware functions as a tool for prototyping large format one-, two- and three-axis CNC-applications. After the Wire machine is mounted, the firmware detects the XY-dimensions automatically, therefore, effectively removing the need for manual calibration. Wire can also control GRBL based CNC machines and control multiple machines at the same time.

To illustrate how Wire functions, the machine was assembled as an audio-reactive robot, that created drawings of the audio environment in my workshop.

I am currently looking for funding to help me make the Wire software and machine building plans free for everyone.