Muutosta ilmassa

Muutosta Ilmassa (Change in the Air) is a game that was exhibited at the Finnish Museum of Natural History (Luomus) in 2015. For this project, I devised a calibration tool to synchronize two projectors and depth cameras. The project was led by Narim Lee.

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Image by Laura Uusitalo


PlotterInth is a game where you move through an invisible labyrinth by waving your hand. The sound guides you to the right direction. If you go too far astray, you must start from the beginning. By attaching a pen to the controller, you can get an illustration of the path you are taking.

The vertical plotter is implemented with my own code and design.


Trailer for Maxwell The Mechanist, made as a project at Aalto University. 2015.

Sound design by Veli Laamanen

I created the paintings and the main screen for the game.

Lost Boys

Another school project where I did a part of the 3D-modeling, animation and environmental design. 2014.


A simple game created while learning Processing coding environment, 2013. The size of the red shield changes with audio input amplitude.