Creative Coding

Sculpt the Audio

Sculpt Your Music is an interactive art installation where every little change you make modifies the audio environment. This unique instrument synthesizes audio that reacts to the shape of a 3D model.

GLSL Earth is an interactive art installation that uses a midi-controller to control visuals that programmed with GLSL.

GLSL Earth

How do I Look?

How do we perceive our own looks? How do we perceive others? 
When we get older we do not notice the change because of everyday engagement. How fast do we actually accept our changed appearance?

This is the first design for an art installation that I have been planning for a longer time.

Small changes in human appearance make a huge difference.
Before (left) and after (right).

The image above demonstrates before (left side) and after (right side). The software works best in soft lighting because it does not use any face detection, thus giving zero latency displacement on real-time webcam video.


A Quartz Composer patch that loads a 3D model and maps pictures to it from Instagram. 2017.

Look at me

Interactive real time visuals where the visuals follow movement and audio input.