+Andscape is an Augmented Reality sandbox with audio, exhibited at the Design Museum in touring exhibition California: Designing Freedom (10 Nov 2017 – 4 Mar 2018). It was produced in co-operation with City of Helsinki (Insights into Early Childhood Education project) and Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Digital and computational world is often invisible and beyond tactile exploration, hidden as software code, algorithms, pixels and bites. +Andscape makes it possible to mould digitally augmented material and bring the digital world into our creative grasp.

The installation was executed by me and Jason Selvarajan. I did the coding, audio and interaction design.

+Andscape is based on an open source AR Sandbox code with added audio design and customized visuals. The installation is an extension of an AR sandbox developed in University of California (UC Davis 2015).

The original AR-sandbox project can be found here.

Press release, Helsingin Sanomat 10 Nov 2017