Niklas Pöllönen

I am a Creative Technologist and New Media Artist. I have a background in design, creative coding, digital manufacturing, light/video design, electronics, CAD/CAM, and arts. I also provide consulting and creative coding services dealing with react, react-native, node.js, wordpress+react, javascript and Arduino, but also have experience working with other languages, for instance, C++, C, Swift and Python.

I have a Master of Arts degree in New Media, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Performing Arts Design. I have also taken studies in, for example, product design and programming. My work experience includes a wide range of different fields, such as prototyping, programming, graphic design, electronics, consulting, set-lighting, video-design for performing arts and digital manufacturing.

On my spare time I like to do digital painting, sculpting, CAD-design, robotics, code, bake, cook, listen to music and anything else I find interesting at that specific moment. I usually end up spending most of my free time by learning new things.

This site is my personal sandbox, where I posts some of my creations.